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Product/Feature Dino 3 Dino 4
Chassis 26 t 32 t
Weight 20 t 22 t
Width 2.7m 2.7m
Height 3.85 m 3.85 m
Length 9.0 m 9.5 m
Inlet diameter 250 mm 250 mm
Capacity 5.5m3 5.5m3
Emptying side tipping side tipping
Output 12 – 80 m3 / 8hrs 12 – 80 m3 / 8hrs
Compressor 120 cfm @ 8 bar 120 cfm @ 8 bar
HP Water 3000 psi 3000 psi
Water tank 200 L 200 L

DINO 4, 32 tonne Mega

The 32 t MEGA is the largest and most powerful of our Vac-Ex units. It’s ideally suited to high productivity, long reach or deep excavations. It utilises its 9m3 capacity skip to decrease tipping times and increase outputs.The high out-put 250mm Ø vacuum hose will easily take any material up to 250mm Ø into the debris tank or lift out the foreign object from the excavation.The operator has the choice of using either on-board compressed air to power our Air-Ex lance for dry excavation or high pressure water to break through more stubborn ground.
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