Dump-Ex | Vac-Ex

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Product/Feature Dump-ex
Chassis 3t
Weight 2.75
Width 1850mm
Height 2950mm
Length 3940mm
Inlet diameter 125mm
Capacity 1.5m3
Emptying front & side
Output Choose a vacuum source
Compressor n/a
HP Water n/a
Water tank n/a



The perfect solution for difficult access

The Dump-Ex attachment extends the flexibility of the existing Vac-Ex units aimed at site use, where ground conditions are unsuitable for road vehicles.

Based on a 3t swivel tip dumper which gives a 1.5m3 spoil capacity, the Dump-Ex can be used up to 100m from the host Vac-Ex unit.

The distance and performance is always dependent on the host vacuum utilised.

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