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MOD-EX 25 tcw





Product/Feature 25 TCW
Length 4150mm
Width 1000mm
Height (closed) 2350mm
Height (open) 2450mm
Weight (tare) 2700kg
Maximum load 880kg
Spoil capacity 0.4m3
Pipe inlet 125mm / 150mm
Compressor 127 cfm @ 7 bar
HP Water 2500 psi
Tracks 4×4

MOD-EX 25 tcw


Self-contained, powerful, narrow, and lightweight our Mod-Ex 25 unit is perfect for those tight inner city /urban environments, where Vac-Ex machines can work without restricting the flow of traffic or the need to implement expensive traffic management. Coupled with being able to position the Mod-Ex 25 tcw next to the proposed hole, with a low inlet height, it’s an ideal partner for dry excavation. The dry excavated material can then be tipped next to the excavation for re-use instead of removing from site and re-importing.

The powerful vacuum will easily take any material up to 150mm Ø into the debris pod or lift out the foreign object from the excavation.

At the touch of a button, the operator has the choice of using either on-board compressed air to power our Air-Ex lance for dry excavation, or high pressure water for more stubborn ground.

Take a closer look at the technical specification to see the full list of the on-board machine H&S features.

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