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Product/Feature MOD-EX 5000
Chassis 7.5 t
Weight 7.0 t
Width 2.8m
Height 2.820m
Length 7.70m
Inlet diameter 150 mm
Capacity 0.7 m3
Emptying side tipping
Output 4 – 20 m3 / 8hrs
Compressor 178 cfm @ 7 bar
HP Water 3200 psi
Water tank 400 L

MOD-EX 5000

The 7.5t chassis mounted unit was designed in 2008 to carry out small to medium size excavations. The operator has the choice of using either on-board compressed air to power our Air-Ex lance for dry excavation or high pressure water for more stubborn ground.

Utilising the 0.7m3 side tipping tank, the excavated debris can be tipped in to bulk bags for later removal or storage or re-use.

The powerful vacuum will easily take any material up to 150mm Ø into the debris tank or lift out the foreign object from the excavation.

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