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Product/Feature MOD-EX 52 S MOD-EX 52 SC
Chassis Skid Skid
Weight 1750kg 2000kg
Width 1900mm 1900mm
Height 1650mm 1650mm
Length 2000mm 2000mm
Inlet diameter 200mm 200mm
Capacity 0.5 m3 0.5 m3
Emptying side tipping side tipping
Output 6 – 30 m3 / 8hrs 6 – 30 m3 / 8hrs
Compressor n/a 120 cfm @ 7 bar
HP Water Optional Optional
Water tank Optional Optional

MOD-EX 52 sc


This powerful, modular and self-contained unit can be mounted to a palletised base, or easily mounted and operated from a trailer, forklift, rear of a flat back, or simply on its own.

At the touch of a button, the operator has the choice of using either on-board compressed air to power our Air-Ex lance for dry excavation or high pressure water for more stubborn ground. The dry excavated material can then be tipped next to the excavation or into bulk bags for re-use instead of removing from site and re-importing.

Our powerful vacuum will easily take any material up to 200mm Ø into the debris tank or lift out the foreign object from the excavation.

Take a closer look at the photo & videos to fully appreciate its versatility.

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